What You Need to Know About Ductless Air Conditioners

Up until recently, HVAC systems relied on ducts to funnel air throughout the home. But today, many households are now seeing the advantages of having a ductless system. According to HGTV, an area that is between 250 and 400 square feet needs about 7,000 BTUs an hour, so these systems are on par with the 20 BTU per square foot coverage standard. If you’re looking at possibly getting air conditioning installation and are considering ductless systems, read on to get your questions answered.

How It Works

A two-part air conditioning unit, ductless systems have an outdoor condenser or compressor and an indoor handler. The refrigerant and power lines are in the walls and run through a conduit to connect to the AC system. While a ducted system will work through the ducts, ductless systems will go through indoor units placed in the rooms. There is no push or pull of air into a centralized unit. Instead, it has individual handlers that let you adjust the AC from room to room.

Temperature Control

Have you ever found that one room is uncomfortable despite it being the same temperature as the rest of your home? With a ductless air conditioning installation, you can have the temperature in each room be different. Instead of cooling an entire house, you can choose to only cool one room. This cuts down considerably on the amount of energy wasted and can help lower your energy bills. It is eco-friendly in its savings, and it is the optimum system for comfort levels. It is eco-friendly in its saving, and it is the optimum system for comfort levels. It can also ensure that there is a level temperature should a ducted system show hot and cold areas from the lack of flow in the home.

High Efficiency

Speaking of lower energy bills, ductless systems are great for keeping money in your wallet. Ductless systems are highly efficient, much more so than ducted systems. Systems with ducts can lose air through the ductwork via holes and cracks. With no ductwork to lose air through, the ductless system keeps your heat and air conditioning inside your home, making it more energy efficient and keeping costs down.

Skips Duct Installation

If you have an older home that doesn’t have ductwork, it may cost you a lot of money to get an HVAC system put in because of the ductwork cost. However, with ductless models, you avoid the extra leg work by skipping duct installation altogether. Ductless models work just as well as duct systems, so it won’t just save you money, but it will keep your home comfortable. Ductless systems bring your older home into the 21st century without the 21st-century bills to go with it.

Along with this, there is no issue of patching, painting, or finding space for your ductwork. With a ductless system, your home can preserve its natural beauty without a large, unsightly unit. The smaller, low-profile ductless units fit better into your home’s design and keep an attractive appearance.

Lessened Allergens

If you have constant allergies or are sensitive to allergens, a ductless system is made for you. A ducted system can spread allergens and collect particles in the ductwork. Since there is no ductwork, there is a minimal spread of allergens and dust particles throughout the home. With a typical air conditioning system, there is one filter to change. Through a ductless system, there is a filter at every handler. This means your system can catch more allergens before they get out into your home’s air.

The Different Systems

Once you decide that you may want a ductless air conditioning installation, you must decide if you want a single-zone or a multi-zone ductless air conditioning system. Depending on your home, one system can be better than the other, so finding the right system for you is key.

In a single-zone ductless system, there is one indoor component connecting to the air conditioning unit outside. It blows solely in one room of the home or property and is perfect for garage cooling or for any additions to the home that are not ducted into your other system. They are simple to install and will reduce your carbon footprint.

In a multi-zone ductless air conditioning system, many indoor components connect to the air conditioning unit outside. It allows you to adjust the temperature in several rooms of the home or property at any given time. These work well by giving you room-by-room options and multiple filtration systems to lower allergens and other dust particles.

What to Consider

These systems can be great for many households. But there are a few things to consider before deciding if it’s right for you. Ductless systems are a great way to provide wonderful comfort in any room in your home through individual control units. A ductless system is also a great choice if you do not have an HVAC system, due to being in an older home with no ductwork, or if you’re looking to cool a few rooms instead of your entire house. They are wonderful for those with allergies or frequent illnesses because of the added extra filtration system, and they can help boost the energy efficiency of your home.

Choosing a system is going to entirely depend on what you wish to achieve, your budget, and your property. Talking over your options with a contractor is a great way to figure out what you are looking for. Their expertise will give you insight as to which option is best for you and your home.

How to Choose a Company

Now that you know more about the types of ductless AC systems that are out there and the benefits of owning one, it is time to choose who will come out and install it for you. Air conditioning installation is technical and needs to be done with precision and care. You want to hire a company that is licensed and certified, preferably with years of experience and education behind them. This ensures your home is covered if something goes wrong with the project.

Make sure to prepare a list of questions to ask the installer when you contact them. The questions you ask will help you decide if the company is the best for your needs. Make sure to talk to them about the project you want to be done specifically. Without running your needs by them first, you might hire a company that does not service your needs. Make sure you discuss with the contractor what the system will do for your home to get a professional’s advice. The more you understand about the system you are choosing, the sooner you are going to get what you need for long-term comfort and use.

For help in determining what system is right for you, give Comfort Zone Air Conditioning & Heating LLC a call. We’re experts in heating and air conditioning installation and are here to help guide you through the process. We understand the confusion that can come from picking out the right system and will listen to all of your questions. Our experience and knowledge in our craft will ensure you get your home the service it needs. Contact Comfort Zone Air Conditioning & Heating LLC today for more information.

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